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Installation Guide
Firmware Upgrade



(1) Download

Download the latest firmware below, make sure you choose the right firmware for your device

(3) Insert 

Insert Micro SD card to the slot in KyeBriq, turn on Kyebriq, a pop up will ask for permission to update, please click yes

(5) Remove

Remove the SD Card only when the device is rebooting. This is to ensure that we do not go into another cycle of updates.


Unzip & Copy firmware named to the root directory of a micro SD card without unzipping

(4) Update 

Wait for the files to be copied and update to be completd, the device will reboot

(6) Done

Entire upgrade process takes about 15 minutes


07 APR 2023

 Firmware updates

Release Notes :

  1. Optimize connectivity.

  2. Optimize the system and reduce the temperature of the CPU core.

  3. Improved system stability.

  • Does KyeBriq device works on my car?
    KyeBriq works on 98% of the car with wired Apple Carplay. If you do not know if you have Apple Carplay or not, please try to plug your USB cable to your phone and see if anything pops up on your car screen. Our KyeBriq are tested working on the cars below : Ford, Volkswagen, Skoda, Volvo, Peugeot, Lexus, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Honda, Audi, Mercedez-Benz, Porsche, Jaguar, KIA, Cupra, Seat.
  • Does KyeBriq affect my car warranty?
    The beuty of KyeBriq is it doesnt mess with your original car, no wiring, no fuse tapping, no dismantling, just pure plug and play. Your warranty is intact
  • Do I need a Remote Control ?
    Only cars without touch screen requires a Bluetooth remote control. You can still opt in for the remote control if you want to allow rear seat passenger to control the interface.
  • Can it work with Android Phones / Iphones?
    Our KyeBriq Android Box works with both types of phones.
  • My Carplay Port is USB C, can KyeBriq support?
    Yes our products comes with a USB C adaptor that will fit on a USB C Carplay Port.
  • How to start?
    To start, connect the USB cable of your KyeBriq Android Box to your vehicle's Apple CarPlay Port. Refer to our installation guide at to complete first time installation.
  • How do I connect my Bluetooth Remote?
    Settings > device > add device > look for BLE remote > connect Once remote connected, go to settings > system > language and inputs > physical keyboard (BLE remote) > show virtual keyboard
  • Inserting SIM Card
    Insert Sim Card into the correct slot with correct orientation and sim card will be auto detected by KyeBriq android box. Refer to installation guide if you are not sure about the correct slot and orientation. Do not forcefully insert the sim card as it might damage the device. If SIM Card detected but no 3G or 4G, go to mobile networks > Sim 1 > advanced > modify APN settings
  • Where is the Micro SD / TF card and Sim Card slot located on KyeBriq android box?
    When the USB C Port on the KyeBriq is facing you, the slot on top is for Micro SD / TF Card and the slot below is for SIM Card. Refer to installation guide for clearer picture. Do not forcefully insert Micro SD / TF Card & Sim Card slot as it might damage the device which doesn't cover under manufacturer warranty.
  • Size of Sim Card (Nano Sim or Micro Sim?)
    Our KyeBriq Android Box is only compatible with Micro SIM, adapter can be used if you have Nano sim.
  • I have inserted the SIM Card but there is no 4G Signal
    Please first ensure that you have inserted to the right slot and also correct orientation. If the 4G signal still does not appear, please check if you need to set the right Acess Point Network (APN) settings.
  • Connecting to Wireless Android Auto (AA) / CarPlay
    To connect to wireless Android Auto (AA) or CarPlay, follow these steps. Turn on mobile Bluetooth > Android Box Home page > Bluetooth Phone > Search for you phone > Pair with your phone Once Bluetooth connected > go to speed play or Zlink5 > Android Auto (AA) or CarPlay will auto pair > connection successful (Bluetooth will cut off)
  • Not using SIM Card? Get internet via mobile hotspot
    Turn on mobile hotspot (on your phone) > go to WIFI (on the KyeBriq android box) > connect to your mobile hotspot > play YouTube and Netflix or any other apps
  • Does KyeBriq Support 4G Sim Card?
    SIM Card Coverage Area, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, SEA countries, South Korea, Europe, Middle East & Mediterranean Countries. 4G Network does not support North America and Japan. For this two region you can acquire data via your Mobile Hotspot/Tethering
  • Does KyeBriq supports GPS? Do you need to install External GPS module?
    KyeBriq has built in Global Navigation Satelite System (GNSS) that includes GPS (U.S Satelite) 、GLONASS (Russia Satelite)、Beidou (China Satelite) that provides accurate GPS signal. Hope in your car and use Google Map/Waze that is already preinstalled on your KyeBriq.
  • Will the GPS signal be affected if KyeBriq is placed in a glovebox?
    No, the signal will still be as strong as before
  • App not found on google play store
    Go to google browser > search for apkpure > download apkpure app > file manager > locate apkpure.apk > install > search for app you want for example disney+ > click install.
  • Cant seem to Download Apps on Google Playstore
    Go to Settings > Apps & Notification > Look for Google Play Store App > Storage > Clear Cache & Clear Storage.
  • Cant Seem to connect to mobile hotspot after i upgrade to Ios15
    On your Iphone 1) Go to settings > general > about > rename your phone to a simple name (for example Iphone) On KyeBriq 1) Go to settings > wifi > saved network > delete previously saved wifi/hotspot 2) Go back to wifi > add network > enter ssid (new phone name) > security change to wpa/wpa2 psk > save Done !


Your problem still not solved? Email us your problem, we will get back to you.

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